We took to our Facebook page to ask you guys and gals out there, "If you could ask for just one thing for Christmas, what would it be?" We were touched at the level of response, and we couldn't wait to share your thoughts with all our readers!

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    True Love

    A sincere wish for the deepest of connections...

    More than a couple of you said that you would like true love to be part of you life for Christmas. Some even said just to be happy in life in general. Joe Oliver said in our survey: "To be with my true love, like we were just before Thanksgiving..." We hope that you folks who gave this answer find what you are looking for in 2012!

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    Have Bills Paid Off

    Who wouldn't want a debt-free life?

    Some of you that weighed in made it simple -- to have all your bills paid off and to be debt free. Well, with the holidays, that is kind of hard, huh? Regardless, I hope you get your wish! Rick Patrick posted: "To have everything I owed be paid in full." Well, Rick we hope it happens for ya!

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    Peace On Earth

    Goodwill to men!

    In our survey a lot of your responses were that you would love to have peace on Earth. Shireen Shyamala said: "PEACE on earth and GOODWILL to all :)" while Wesley White said the same thing but in a funnier way: "Peace on earth.... Do I win mrs America with that comment or what... Snap snap."  Either way you put it, that is a great thing to ask for!

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    Service Men And Women to Come Home Safe

    Finally, one we can cross off our lists!

    Now, this is an awesome thing to ask for! These brave men and women put their lives on hold to protect our freedom. Mona Ash Guidry said on Facebook: "I already got my wish.... OUR MEN AND WOMEN COMING HOME!!!!!"  That's awesome, Mona!

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    Loved Ones Lost

    To be able to see our loved ones again...

    I was the first to comment on the question in our survey. I lost my Dad and best friend in 2007 and then lost my mother in 2009. My answer was to have both of them back for just a little bit longer! I miss both of them so much. A lot of people who answered this question, also said similar things. Charles-Michelle Cummings Johnson said: "Mine would be to have my loved ones that have passed on back here with us!!!" Henry Newman posted: "To have my Dad back so he could play the Grand Prairie Waltz again" For those of you that dont know, Henry's dad was the legendary Cajun Music Drummer and singer Cliff Newman. Bridget D'Lane Roberts says: "For my grandparents to be back with us, to see me learnin to sing that good ole Cajun music." Darlene Hebert: "For my dad to have a great christmas in heaven. i miss him so much. i love u daddy." That was just a few of your posts. We all miss our loved one's who have passed on but take comfort in knowing that they are always here with you and look down on you everyday! We miss them!

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