It won't last long but there will be a welcome relief for just about everybody in South Louisiana. A cold front is expected to push its way through the area late this afternoon and early evening. That frontal system will kick off a round of showers and maybe some thunderstorms between lunch and bedtime for most of us.

The good news is that behind the front are the kind of weather conditions we can really appreciate after the over 100 degree indices of the past few days. Afternoon high temperatures will still reach into the low 90's. The over night low temperatures will fall into the upper 60's. There is a pretty good chance your air conditioner will actually be able to shut down for a few hours over the next few evenings.

As for the tropics, Tropical Storm Danny is just barely hanging on in a very harsh environment over the Leeward Islands. The system will likely be downgraded to a tropical depression by as early as this afternoon. It is expected that the system will then lose its tropical characteristics and just become an area of thunderstorms as it moves near Puerto Rico.

Behind Danny is Invest 98L. This system, according the the National Hurricane Center, has a strong possibility of becoming a tropical cyclone. If it does reach tropical storm status the name would be Erika.

Computer forecast models for this system put it on a similar track as that of Danny. However, this system is moving much  more rapidly than Danny and might arrive near the Leeward Islands in just a few days. As of now most of the reliable tracking models pull this system to the north of the islands and away from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.