What is this black sourcery...Someone could have told me this earlier, so much time wasted before!

Posted by VIDilicious on Sunday, August 16, 2015

This is some crazy magic right here -- but it's magic every man should learn. Watch the person in this video tie a tie in under 10 seconds in a way most of us have never even imagined.

I've watched it, like 15 times in a row now. (Unfortunately, I don't have a tie with me to test it on.)  Still, it looks legit -- you grasp the tie at the length you want it to be, you wind the rest around your hand twice, you grab the inside loop, you drop it over the rest of the knot.

Go ahead -- watch it for yourself. See if you can pull that mess off. This could change the life of every man who has fumbled with these stupid strips of fabric while they were desperately trying to get out the door to attend a wedding, a funeral or a job interview. It seems pretty foolproof!