If I had ever caught a fish large enough to be worthy of being eaten I am sure I would have enjoyed eating it. Many of you are better fisherman than me and that means you've enjoyed your bounty from the lakes, ponds, and bays around South Louisiana. Were you aware of the state's new Catch and Cook program?

It's part of a bill that was introduced and passed by Louisiana Senator Bret Allain from Franklin. Senator Allain explained to the Louisiana Radio Network what the program was all about.

You’re a Louisiana angler that has a Louisiana license, catch any legal Louisiana fish and you label it to what time you caught it, what date you caught it.

The next step is to properly clean your catch and then bring that catch to a participating Louisiana restaurant. This has to be done within six days of the fish being caught.

They ask you to sign an affidavit that’s saying you were the one that caught the fish and it was properly cleaned and kept at cool temperatures before brought to them. The chef will inspect it and you tell them how you want it cooked.

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says there are currently 14 restaurants that have signed on to be a part of the program. In the Lafayette are Ruffino's on the River is participating in the program. The department says other eateries are planning on signing on with the program in the coming months.