Going Crabbing? Look Out For Tags Worth Cash
Grab some string, turkey necks or melt, and your ice chest. It's time to go crabbing in south Louisiana, and your efforts could pay off in more than just a delicious meal. If you scoop one up with an orange tag on its back, it could be worth up to $50!
Don’t Miss The Family Fishing Festival Saturday!
You don't want to miss the Family Fishing Festival Saturday, April 7, at Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge on Highway 27. From 9am until 1pm only, you will be able to fish for bass and catfish in three ponds where that's not allowed except during this event!
Catch and Cook
You catch it and a professional chef will cook it, it's all part of a new program from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
Fishing & Boating Week
In Louisiana, with us being the "Sportsman's Paradise," every week should be dedicated to boating and fishing! But this week is actually the official National Fishing and Boating Week.
Animal Planet Looks For “Top Hooker” [VIDEO]
Top Hooker huh? I am predicting a huge hit here! I am though a little upset that I was not ask to be on the show. I mean I am a "hooker" after all. Well at I am in the fishing sense. Fishing is huge here in God's Country and when we are not fishing we are watching fishing. May…

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