At first glance you might think that any candidate that wanted to run for office as both a Democrat and a Republican might have a bit of a split personality. That is certainly not the case with Houma attorney Damon Baldone. Mr. Baldone is seeking the office of State Representative and he'd like the voters to know that he thinks both parties need to work together.

When one party has an idea, the other side automatically says it's a bad idea.  It should be discussed, debated, and then moved forward with one plan.

Baldone made his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network and he also explained why he decided to file suit in this case. It seems that when he attempted to register as being affiliated with both parties the Terrebonne Parish registrar of voters listed his political party as being other.

It's based on the First Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment.  I also think I have a freedom of speech to tell people I'm a Democrat and Republican.

A state District Judge disagreed with Mr. Baldone's position and dismissed the lawsuit saying that he did not believe Mr. Baldone was attempting to deceive voters. The judge simply felt that the double party affiliation would be very confusing to voters.

Baldone plans to file another suit in regards to his run for office. This time he will make his case in the chambers of the State Supreme Court.