A quick-thinking Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's deputy saved the lives of three people this morning by busting into a burning home before the fire department got on the scene.

Early Tuesday morning (Aug. 11), a home on Dugas Street in Lacassine caught fire. A neighbor believed that people were still inside the home, so Deputy Josh Bienvenu got into the home from the backdoor and awoke the three sleeping occupants.

"Bienvenu was successful in getting all the occupants awake and out of the residence without injury," said JDSO Cmdr. Chris Ivey in a press release. "If it were not for Deputy Bienvenu's quick thinking to try and enter the home from the backside it's likely the occupants would have perished in the fire before fireman would have arrived and extinguished the blaze."

The three occupants are reportedly okay, though as you can see from the picture above, their home is not doing as well.

Ivey also provided video you can get an idea of just what Bienvenu and the volunteer firefighters faced in Tuesday's blaze.