It's another survey of life in these United States and once again our fair state comes up on the short end of the stick. This time the survey done by WalletHub focused on women's issues and just how wide the gender gap in our state really is.

The study was based on the issues of education, political representation, economic issues and health issues. While ranking 43rd out of 50 might not sound like good news, it actually is. That's what Summer Steib Director of LSU's Women's Center told the Louisiana Radio Network.

Louisiana has ranked as low as 50th so actually moving up a few spots is maybe a slightly positive sign of things are getting a little bit better.

Here is specifically what the survey results showed. Louisiana ranked 49th in political representation. The state is also 49th when it comes to the pay gap between genders. That fact plays into the next fact, there are an awful lot of our state's women that are living in  poverty.

We know that women are saturated in Louisiana in minimum wage jobs, in low paying jobs. So you’re not seeing a whole lot of economic advancement or empowerment for women across the state.

Probably the best news out of this particular survey was how our state ranked in education for women. Louisiana was ranked 20th. It stands to reason that the more and more our state's women attend college and earn degrees the more likely the economic gap will close. It would also stand to reason that more women would be entering the world of politics in the future too.

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