On October 24th you and I will be most likely making plans to find a radio or television to track the progress of our favorite football team. On that day LSU will be hosting Western Kentucky at Tiger Stadium.McNeese State will be hosting Northwestern State at Cowboy's Stadium. Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns will be off on that Saturday since they will have played the Tuesday night game against Arkansas State on October 20th.  How does that figure into a story about Louisiana's race for Governor?

A distracted electorate is not the kind of electorate that will go to the polls and vote. To be honest with two months left before you and I will vote in the upcoming primary there just doesn't seem to be that much interest in the race for the state's top job.  I'm not the only one who feels the sense of apathy.

The campaigns don't seem to have that frenetic pace.  The people aren't really paying that much attention.  It all really seems more like we're six months out, not two months out.

Those are the words of U.L. Political Science Professor Dr. Pearson Cross. Dr. Cross made his comments in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.  He went on to say that the inactivity among the candidates appears to be playing into the hands of one candidate in particular. That candidate is David Vitter.

Keeping the race low key, keeping people not really aware that much is going on probably plays into his hand.  It allows him to keep his cash ready to go for the runoff when he's really going to need it.

As much as we can all appreciate the calm before the storm the race will not be this calm through election day. Most pundits, Dr. Cross included, feel that, September the 8th, qualifying day will be about the time most candidates begin to unleash their assault on voters via radio and TV.

They've really have to start spending some money and making some inroads.  Time is growing very short.

This doesn't even include the local election campaigning you're going to hear and see too. Brace yourself, the mud slinging is coming but the good news is by October 24th it will all be over.