Most of the time when we mention these offbeat holidays it's to celebrate something very meaningful or very meaningless. Either way we are just looking for a reason to throw a party. Today's featured holiday offers no reason to celebrate at all if you ask me. Today's focus of celebration has been bugging me since I was quite small. I am pretty sure you have  had your run ins as well with the blood thirsty pests.

Today is World Mosquito Day: Okay maybe we aren't celebrating the unofficial state bird of Louisiana but we are certainly very well aware of what these insects can do. Today's holiday was established to honor the work done by scientist who figured out the connection between mosquitoes and malaria. When you think about it that was really a big  discovery.

Today we are probably more concerned with mosquitoes and West Nile Virus. That is still a thing even though we haven't heard as much about it this summer as we have heard about it in summer's past.

For me the worst thing about mosquitoes besides the bite is when they are buzzing around your room at night. That absolutely drives me crazy! It's no wonder I sleep with a pillow on my head.

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