This past Wednesday I was sitting in a doctor's office chatting with a nurse named Stephanie. She and I were lamenting as to how the gray skies and misty rain we were seeing from Tropical Storm Harvey looked like gumbo weather outside the window.

A few days ago those looks were deceiving but give Mother Nature a week and I will promise you will be hearing the sound of gumbo pots clanging in much crisper air than we are feeling today. If we can believe the long range forecast by next Friday it will actually feel like fall.

Granted Fall in Louisiana doesn't really feel like Ugg boots and pumpkin spice it feels more like a long sleeved shirt in the morning and a lack of pit stains in the afternoon. Forecasters believe that a cold front that will bring a chance of rain and thunderstorms to the area next Tuesday and Wednesday will also bring temperatures into the low 60's by the end of next week.

Does that mean we should put away the shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops for the next few months? Absolutely not. It will be hot again and probably hot again several times before we start to see our seasonal swoon in the afternoon temperatures.

But, with all the crappy weather and crappy weather news we've had to endure over the past several days, we thought a taste of fall or at least the expectation of a taste of fall might make your day.

You're Welcome!

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