The weather is about to take a turn and it's about to get cold which means gumbo weather.  Over the weekend, we had a party with about 50 people.  We had to feed all those folks so I attempted to cook my first crawfish pot of gumbo.

So I got my big ole crawfish pot out and my burner and a bottle of butane and fired it up!  I filled up the pot with water and went to town.

I started off with a boiling pot of water and 4 jars of roux. I like to make my own roux but for time I used the jar roux.  I cooked that down for an hour and added the vegetable and seasoning.

Chicken And Sausage Gumbo (Photo Provided By Mike Soileau TSM)
Chicken And Sausage Gumbo Smaller version (Photo Provided By Mike Soileau TSM)

Make sure you always have the Holy Trinity when cooking up your gumbo. What is the Holy Trinity you asked?  Well it's basically season blend.  Onions, Bell peppers and Celery.  Also fresh green onions are a must! Cook it down for an hour.

So with this this being a big pot of boiling roux water, you have to make sure to season according and have a bunch of meat on hand.  For this exercise, I cooked a chicken and sausage gumbo.

Gumbo (Photo Mike Soileau)
Gumbo (Photo Mike Soileau)

I used nine pounds of sausage and 11 pounds of chicken.  No I am not going to tell you what kind of sausage.  i don't want to give away my secrets to much LOL.  I cut up the sausage and cook that down for an hour and then added the chicken and cooked that down for an hour as well.

So all told it is at least a 4 hour process.  Well that big ole pot of gumbo full of meat.  That is how you pull it off.

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