It's official: Louisiana doesn't put up with bad gumbo.

Yesterday (10/12) was National Gumbo Day and many people celebrated by breaking out the pots and sharing their gumbo on social media. You could almost smell the roux on your timeline with all the delicious gumbo pics—but one gumbo, in particular, brought south Louisianians to a screeching halt.

The feedback was so bad that KPRC deleted the Facebook post and the tweet with the controversial gumbo graphic, but a quick Google search shows the atrocious gumbo photo which seems to be a generic image courtesy of Tom Kelley and Getty Images.

Tom Kelly, Getty Images, Google

Almost immediately a gumbo posted by local Houston TV station KPRC was sniffed out by a gang of Cajun critics who just weren't having it.

Facebook, KPRC

Even though the tweet was deleted, users on Twitter voiced their displeasure with the disrespectful gumbo.

The tomatoes were the dead giveaway, and while I almost felt bad because the TV station was out of town, I remembered that Houston may not be south Louisiana but they're definitely close enough to know better.

I'm hoping that the KPRC social media manager is just an intern from out of town that picked the first image that looked decent from a random internet search because there is simply no excuse for this gumbo—at least not in south Louisiana.

Did you see any "bad" gumbo yesterday? Did you see any good ones? Either way, drop me a pic in the comments.

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