Yesterday we felt our first blast of Fall as temperatures dropped into the lower 60's.  Another front will be rolling thru Southwest Louisiana Friday evening really dropping temperatures down.

The High Saturday is 73 while the low Saturday night will be  56.  This has people breaking out their best pots, cast Iron and turning the burners on to cook their favorite South Louisiana food when it gets cold.

We went on Facebook and asked y'all what is your favorite cold weather South Louisiana dish to cook.  We have a pretty good idea what most peoples go to food is but we gave you three choices.

Gumbo, Chili, or Meatball Stew were the choices.  Here is how they ranked.

#3 Meatball Stew -- Even though it is one of my favorites it came in last.

#2 Chili -- I am not a big fan of chili especially if it has beans in it.

#1 Gumbo --  No matter if it's Chicken and Sausage or a seafood gumbo, bring it on and most of you said the same thing.

Honorable mention was vegetable beef soup and All The Above because in South Louisiana we are some hungry folks!


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