Where do you think Louisiana ranks in a list of the top gambling-addicted states?

If you guessed in the top five, you deserve a pat on the back. According to an article by WalletHub that compares all 50 states, Louisiana ranks toward the top for excessive gambling.

To get their results, WalletHub used metrics like the number of legal and illegal gambling establishments in a state, lottery sales per capita to the share of adults with gambling disorders, and many others.

Louisiana couldn't crack the top five in categories like casinos-per-state, gaming machines-per-capita, or highest lottery sales, but we blew other states away in the long run. In one of the most interesting categories, Louisiana ranked number three in Most Gambling-Related Arrests Per Capita.

According to WalletHub, here are the Most Gambling-Addicted States:

  1. Nevada
  2. Mississippi
  3. Montana
  4. South Dakota
  5. Louisiana

Here's how Louisiana stacked up in WalletHub's major categories:      

  • Gambling-Related Arrests per Capita - Third Place
  • Commercial Casinos Revenues per Capita - Fourth Place
  • Gaming Machines per Capita - Seventh Place
  • Gamblers Anonymous Meetings per Capita - Ninth Place
  • Casinos per Capita - Thirteenth Place

The Mayo Clinic says gambling can lead to addiction because it can stimulate the brain's reward system much like drugs and alcohol, and Economist.com reports US citizens amass around $100 billion in gambling debts a year.

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