Even though LSU officials are recommending students get their COVID-19 vaccines before they return for the fall semester, they will not require them to do so to attend in-person classes.

LSU Interim President Tom Galligan said in a statement that the university couldn't require students to be vaccinated because the government released the vaccines under an emergency order.

Around the nation, 46 universities including the likes of Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, and Xavier University in New Orleans have announced plans to require all students to be vaccinated before returning to campus.

Dr. Jim Henderson, president of the University of Louisiana System, said they will do their best to influence as many people as possible to get vaccinated but the process to require it before the return to campus is too difficult right now with the vaccines being for emergency use.

Galligan said more than 10,000 LSU students and staff have received the vaccine. The university has more than 34,000 students on its main Baton Rouge campus. LSU has been holding mass vaccination events on its campuses for students and staff to try and reach herd immunity so they can ease restrictions around campus and sporting events.

Henderson said he expects around 70%-80% of the University of Louisiana System students to be vaccinated before the fall semester begins.

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