The news continues to get more tragic as the days change. There were nine teens shot at a 12-year-old’s birthday this past Saturday night (April 19). What was supposed to be a fun-filled night for the young child turned into a nightmare I am sure they will never forget.

According to the St. John The Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office, a feud that broke out at the birthday party in LaPlace, Louisiana around 8:40pm Saturday night. An argument escalated between two groups of young men, which led to the shooting that harmed the nine teenagers. Seven of the teens were treated and released, while two were still hospitalized since Monday.

There have been no arrests made, but they are looking for information from anyone willing to help. In my opinion, there is too much going on in the world for things like this to continue to happen. Obviously, there are so many distractions that could be blamed, but at the end of the day, this is an ending no parent should have to endure. I remember as a child, if there were issues or problems with others, we worked them out and violence didn’t play a part. You can blame music, movies, or television, but at the end of the day, sometimes we have to step back and take a look at ourselves. We are doing more harm to each other while fighting those who revel in our demise.

I know there is a code in the streets of not snitching. However, there are kids at stake here, whether they took part in the shooting or not. We need to have some type of justice and answer for this. We are battling too many other entities in the world to become our own worst enemy. I hope someone will speak up and bring the individual or individuals forward and maybe we can have some type of rehabilitation for them. We need to find out the root of the problem and transform this anger and animosity into more positive energy.

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