Master P is joining the fight to change Marijuana laws in America and dubs 5/20 "Cannabis Freedom Day" ahead of his benefit concert for Cannabis Freedom Day in Norfolk, Virginia, on Friday (May 20) There the music mogul will be candid about prison terms for nonviolent prisoners who were locked-up over possessing a small quantity of weed. The 52-year whose real name is Percy Miller Sr. spoke on the issue and the cause for his benefit with TMZ saying, ‘It’s about letting people out of prison that have a small case of marijuana, from $50 to $100 worth of marijuana. These guys shouldn’t be incarcerated.”

The No Limit Records CEO said taking a person's freedom away over a substance that is legalized in 37 states and counting, is pointless. He added charging an otherwise, productive citizen, with a crime over small quantities of marijuana is not only a waste of state funds and resources but taxpayer dollars as well. It's time to have a discussion and find a way to adjust or update some of these laws to reflect the new legislation.

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