It's been almost a year since we got to hang out with the collection of red flags that are the Duttons and their friends. We have quite a few questions that need to be answered since the end of last year. I won't spoil any of the previous seasons with what happened, but there are some characters being left out on cliffhanger-ish whereabouts. Who's going where, who's coming back?

This season will be a doozy for one big reason, it's 14 episodes long! That's right, the longest the series has run yet! Of course, there are a few catches. Last year, we had to watch it on Hulu. This year, we have to watch it back on Paramount+. Then, when we get Paramount, we have to wait each week for the episodes. On top of that? Well, it will be separated into two sets of seven. Just like we had to do when Breaking Bad came out with their final season. So annoying, but it won't make me NOT watch it.

There are a ton of questions we hope will be answered this next season. My biggest question is if someone wants to let me borrow their Paramount password! Yellowstone season 5 hits Paramount+ Sunday, November 13!

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