It's like a national holiday as Sonic Drive-ins has announced that today is 50-cent corn dog day! People wait all year for this very day when they break their diet and go all-in on some good corndogs.

What are corndogs made of? Well, a traditional corndog consists of cornbread batter and hot dogs with some of the best ones having honey batter.

We did some research about the corn dog and here are some fun facts about the favorite treat. According to,

  • The Corn Dog was patented in 1927
  • The Texas State Fair sells 630,000 corn dogs per season (which is only 24 days)
  • National Corn Dog Day is March 19th
  • In August 2016, a lawsuit was filed against a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico for promoting a corn dog eating contest-induced death.
  • Jimmy Dean sells a breakfast variety of corn dog
  • A line of maple-scented corn dog-related jewelry is available for purchase

The most popular condiments for dipping your corn dog in are mostly mustard or ketchup but some folks take it to the extreme by using ranch or even BBQ sauce.

attachment-Sonic Corn Dog Facebook Post

And here is another fact, you can go get 50-cent corn dogs while supplies last today at Sonic Drive-In restaurants.

So dig into your couch or in the tray in your vehicle for some loose change and go get some lunch or dinner today without breaking the bank!

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