Johnny Cash was born in the town of Kingsland, Arkansas. As a result of being proud of their hometown hero, the city of Kingsland added a silhouette to their water tower. It shows Cash standing next to his guitar as he looks out over his hometown.

Earlier this week, things got a bit interesting as the tower began to leak. It's not a normal leak like one would think. The leak is coming from a certain area on the silhouette of Johnny Cash. The whole was caused by a bullet, assuming on purpose, being shot at the tower in a very specific location on the singer. Now, it appears that Cash is having a flow issue as the city estimates 30,000 gallons of water are lost each day it continues to leak.

The tower repair will cost the city $5,000 to fix, and the water is costing them $200 per day as it continues. This isn't the first time it has happened. In 1993, the same issue happened but the suspect was arrested for a felony and fined $10,000. City reps say that the tower should be repaired by the end of the week this week, but people from surrounding areas are driving miles and miles to see the "leaking" Johnny Cash water tower.

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