I think most people, including myself, are scratching their heads wondering why OBJ is still a free agent.

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Does he have another knee injury that he's rehabbing quietly and doesn't want any team to know about? That seems to be one of the most popular rumors in the Internet Football Community.

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Sports Wire is reporting that the Saints still have over $10 million in cap space. Is that enough to sign Beckham? I mean, he did sign a one-year contract with the Rams back in 2021 only worth $1.25 million. Although, the caveat here is that OBJ signed that deal mid-season after being cut by the Browns.

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Odell Beckham Jr. is only 29 years old, so he's got plenty of playing time ahead of him. Sports Trac says that OBJ has made over $82 million during his career. So he's used to the big contract, and I'm sure he's looking for one last big score in his career.

Another question to ask is if the Saints would be interested in signing Beckham? They already have a WR room full of talented players. On paper, the Saints have three WR1 talent grade receivers on their current roster.

Saints Receivers Expected To Make The Final Preseason Roster Cuts:

  • Michael Thomas
  • Jarvis Landry
  • Chris Olave
  • Marquez Callaway
  • Deonte Harty
  • Tre’Quan Smith
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Jarvis Landry has been politicking hard on social media to recruit OBJ to come play for the Saints. And Odell actually responded to him saying, “TAKEEEE MEEEE HOMEEEEEE SLIMEEEEE!!!!!”.

Sports Trac figures OBJ's new contract market value at 2 years for $26,359,990. That's over $13 million a season. So if Beckham were to sign with the Saints it would have to be well below market value. Currently, the Saints only have around $10 million in cap space, and they're not going to waste all of that on one player, they need room to make signings later in the season to help replace injured players.

Being an LSU and Saints fan, a homer essentially, I would love to see OBJ in the black and gold. But, unless he takes a really friendly team deal to come play with Juice and the Honey Badger, I really don't see it happening.

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