Drew Brees will have his own chapter in the NFL Records book. Odell Beckham Jr  is just getting started. The two combined to set the record for the most one handed catches in a minute.

Drew Brees
getty images / Harry How

To set this record took some pinpoint accuracy on the passes. That's why Drew Brees was chosen. Drew's records for the most 5,000 yard passing seasons (4) and the most consecutive seasons with 4,000 yards (8) show that he can and does put the ball on the money. Odell Beckham Jr. started his first year in the NFL with the "Offensive Rookie of the Year" award after a stellar college career at LSU. His one handed end zone catch will play in highlight shows for years and gained him a ton of attention.

So with all that in mind Drew and Odell decided to set a brand new Guinness Book World Records. Here is the video of the two shattering expectations.


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