Look, I know you're prolly saying to yourself...HOW IN THE WORLD WILL SOMEONE NOT RECOGNIZE DREW BREES?!  Well, the effects team on Undercover Boss are the bomb at what they do.

Drew Brees Enjoys a Magical Day with Family at Disneyland Park
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Brees, a co-owner of Walk-Ons, went undercover with fellow co-owner Brandon Landry. Drew worked as a dishwasher and a table busser. Landry worked as a kitchen manager and seafood vendor.

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Both bosses put on wigs, make-up, and prosthetics to look like totally different people.  In fact, if you're a wrestling fan, Drew kinda looks like WWE Superstar Seth Rollins' brother.

CBS Undercover Boss / Getty Images
CBS Undercover Boss / Getty Images

Landry said in a statement:

The undercover experience was incredibly rewarding as it provided an inside look at how our culture takes shape at each restaurant. We’re at a critical growth point, looking to double our presence over the next year. Going undercover afforded me the unprecedented opportunity to address areas for improvement and make refinements so that we can continue on our strategic growth path.

The episode was aired on CBS on January 8, 2020.

If I'm being completely honest, I'm surprised some of these employees didn't sniff out that something wasn't right. Drew looked like a caveman on crack.

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