Law enforcement officials in Louisiana say four people were wounded in a graduation night shooting in Louisiana on Thursday evening. For a time the scene around the Southeastern Louisiana University Center was cordoned off because of an active shooter threat.

Calls of an active shooter on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus were received shortly after 8 pm last night. Those first to arrive on the scene said the shots rang out as parents and students were exiting the venue following the conclusion of commencement ceremonies for Hammond High Magnet.

Hammond Police Chief Edwin Bergeron held a press conference once the all-clear had been given. The Chief said that four people were injured in the incident. It was his belief that none of the injuries was life-threatening. Chief Bergeron also said during his conversation with the media that he did not believe students or juveniles were involved in the shooting.

According to WWL Television Hammond Police did have one person in custody as their investigation into the incident was just beginning. Reports of the shooting spread rapidly across the state and even to elected officials in Washington DC. Both Louisiana senators, Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy posted about the incident on social media.


As of now, we do not know the identity of the wounded or of the person taken into custody. We also do not know what sparked the violence. Hammond Police are expected to release more information on the incident later this morning.

This is a developing story, please check back for more details.

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