Opened in 1969, Drago's Seafood Restaurant was started by Drago and Klara Cvitanovich in Metarie. In 1993, son Tommy took over and began to really get involved in the variations of preparing oysters. After playing with a mix of butter, herbs, garlic, and parmesean, he brushed the new sauce on top of a fresh batch of oysters and threw them on the grill, shell and all. Thus, the famous Drago's oysters were born.

Now, the little Metarie oyster business has become a famous chain in Louisiana, with locations in Metarie, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. It has now decided to head west into Lake Charles. The new place will be opening up inside of L'Auberge Casino Resort to replace the buffet. The buffet was shut down after the pandemic began, and will now get ready to house one of the staples of east Louisiana cuisine.

The casino announced the new addition to their property today from their Facebook page.

Pretty exciting news, not only for the SWLA area but for the casino, as well. At least when this place opens, the line to get in won't be out to the main road unless we start parking at Sam's Club and have to walk like we used to do when they had pool parties.

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