Sadie Robertson and her husband are just days away from having their first child, and she took to social media to reveal her daughter's name before her birth.

The former Duck Dynasty star hasn't shared the name of her daughter until now. She surprised her fans on social media last Friday and revealed her baby girl's name.

The original plan of the couple was to reveal their daughter's name after she was born, but several fake accounts had been opened, posing as the couple and spreading fake news about their unborn child and her name, so they wanted to set the record straight.

Several times during her pregnancy, Sadie dropped hints that her baby's name would be taken from the Bible. She also said in the post the name was significant to them from their first date.

Sadie also wanted her fans to know they would announce the baby's Instagram account after she is born. She said any other account will be fake.

We wish them a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl. We'll update you when Honey is born and, of course, we'll have pictures.

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