Younger adults have several decisions they need to think about. Once high school is finished, what is their next move? Do they continue to higher education or jump into the workforce?

This Saturday, there will be a 2021 Youth Recruitment Fair and maybe some of your answers can be decided for you. I always recommend looking at extending your education. Sometimes, it a better experience you get to take on while exploring your options. It also doesn't look too shabby on your resume.

The 2021 Youth Recruitment Fair is offering opportunities including on-the-job training, workforce training, information on college, on becoming a Medical Assistant, and more. It will be held at The American Job Center at 2424 3rd street from 1:00pm-3:00pm for ages 16-24.

For more information, call Dayna Hoffpair at 337-721-4010 or Gwen Guillory at 337-721-4010.

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