Welcome to our web series, "Zydeco Storytellers!"  All this week, Chubby Carrier is going to talk about the roots of his music, his relationship with the family members that introduced him to Creole and Zydeco music, and what it's like to win a Grammy Award.  But first, let's talk about snakes!

Do you know what a "Blue Runner" is?  Neither did Chubby Carrier growing up. All he knew was that his father and his grandfather and his cousin would come home and play music as a way of dealing with their day-to-day lives.  They lived the tough life of sharecroppers, and their pains and their joys came out in song.  And sometimes that pain was like a "Blue Runner" -- a snake in a rice field -- and it turned into something funky.

Here's part one of Chubby Carrier's "Zydeco Storytellers."

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This series is taken from a live concert at Cajun Radio's studios on Dec. 7, 2012.  Joining Chubby are percussionist Earl Sally and guitarist Randy Ellis of the Bayou Swamp Band.

Episode 1:  "Blue Runner"
Episode 2:  "I Saw My Woman Doin' the Zydeco With Another Man"
Episode 3:  "Zydeco at the Grammy Awards"
Episode 4:  "From Melodeons to Accordions to Snap Beans"
Episode 5:  "I Thought Thunder Was Happening"
Episode 6:  "Be Who You Is...:"