Watch Kevin Naquin's Entire Cajun Storytellers Concert
On Friday, April 11th, Kevin Naquin performed live for our Cajun Radio Backstage Pass concert series.  It is a up-close and personal concert for our listeners.
Didn't win your spot to the Backstage pass?  Don't worry -- because I have you covered with this video of the entire perf…
Jo-El's Storytellers
On July 12, we were honored to have Cajun music legend Jo-EL Sonnier and his band perform for us live in our new video studio.  This is the first of what will be a string of exclusive, live concerts by Louisiana's best and most important Cajun and Zydeco artists.  For the first time, …
Zydeco Storytellers, Episode 6
Zydeco music has come a long way in the last century, and who knows where it will go in the next 100 years.  But one thing will always remain the same, according to Grammy winner Chubby Carrier -- if you want to make a mark on music, you can't copy other people.  You have to remain tr…
Zydeco Storytellers, Episode 5
Before Zydeco artists were getting feet moving in clubs worldwide, it was largely an in-home phenomenon.  For a young Chubby Carrier, it was nothing for his family to empty a room and turn it into a dance floor.
Zydeco Storytellers, Episode 4
The word "Zydeco" only goes back 50 years or so, but the roots of the music are ancient.  How can one style of music have roots in Germany, France, Italy, the Caribbean and America all at the same time?  Chubby Carrier explains.
Zydeco Storytellers, Episode 3
For Chubby Carrier, winning a Grammy Award was the culmination of a life-long dream -- not only for himself, but for the generations of musicians that preceded him.  But it was bittersweet, because his Grammy win also came the same year his parents passed away.
Zydeco Storytellers
Could you imagine just walking into a club and jamming with your Zydeco heroes?  Well, for Grammy-winner Chubby Carrier, it was just another Thursday night.  His father's legendary club, the Offshore Lounge, was basically Ground Zero of today's Zydeco explosion.
Zydeco Storytellers
Welcome to our web series, "Zydeco Storytellers!"  All this week, Chubby Carrier is going to talk about the roots of his music, his relationship with the family members that introduced him to Creole and Zydeco music, and what it's like to win a Grammy Award.  But fir…