Lake Charles' own Harold Guillory is a man of many talents: a singer; scrub board player; host; an amazing Zydeco dancer; and recently we learned he’s one hell of an impressionist! Via Harold's Facebook account, he does voice-over for several characters he created. Cockeye, Lil Zydeco Man, and Joseline round out a colorful cast of characters, all of which have South Louisiana accents that are right on the money. If you’re from Louisiana, you know a family member or friend who reminds you of at least one of the characters Harold’s created. Normally he uses them to promote his events, but this week he aimed to educate us a bit.

In the latest episode, Cockeye explains to Lil Zydeco Man how the Mardi Gras Chicken Run (Courier de Mardi Gras), got started in Southern Louisiana years ago. Though Lil Zydeco Man has his doubts about the original inception of the chicken run, Cockeye assures him of its rich history and significance in Southern Louisiana culture.

This is possibly the most hilariously entertaining explanation about a piece of Louisiana history I’ve ever heard. Watch the video above for yourself and I guarantee you will laugh as much as I did, if not more! All of this from the mind and mouth of one man, Harold Guillory.


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