Zydeco music has come a long way in the last century, and who knows where it will go in the next 100 years.  But one thing will always remain the same, according to Grammy winner Chubby Carrier -- if you want to make a mark on music, you can't copy other people.  You have to remain true to yourself.


It's not something that happens overnight.  You do have to look at the past to figure out where you came from before you can figure out where you'll go.  Chubby Carrier comes from a long line of Zydeco pioneers, but he's an artist who stands on his own ... even if it's on the shoulders of giants.

Here's the final installment of Chubby Carrier's "Zydeco Storytellers!"

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This series is taken from a live concert at Cajun Radio's studios on Dec. 7, 2012.  Joining Chubby are percussionist Earl Sally and guitarist Randy Ellis of the Bayou Swamp Band.

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