A woman and her young son climbed into a gator pit at the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota last weekend just to retrieve her wet wallet from a pond.

Okay, I have two observations right up front:

  1. Is this the world's worst mom? She's obviously a fry short of a happy meal, but come on, you have to think she would've at least thought a gator pit was too dangerous for her child.  Apparently, she doesn't have that much brain power.
  2. Who does this lady think she is? Bindi Irwin? Why in the world would a person with no training jump into a gator pit?

I would imagine once authorities find this woman, she's going to jail for child endangerment. In the video, she's able to distract the gators swimming in the pit to grab her wallet, then they both climb out of the exhibit. How does one's purse even end up in a gator pit? That's another great question I would love to hear the answer to.

At the end of the clip, the woman chastises her son for disobeying her and going in. But in the video, you'll plainly see she's more concerned about her wallet than her son.

The video clip below is NSFW.

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