The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone, but one side effect of lockdown has been families spending more time together. COVID-19 has made us slow down from the hustle and bustle of life and actually sit down and talk or eat dinner together.

A new survey from SWNS Digital found from their readers that parents are spending more time with their kids because of the pandemic. In fact, 78% of them said they are using their time in lockdown to strengthen their relationships with their kids.

Ten Ways Parents Have Bonded with Their Kids in Lockdown:

  1. Playing games with them, 52%
  2. Showing them one of your favorite movies, 45%
  3. Exposing them to an old TV show you like, 41%
  4. Letting them help in the kitchen, 39%
  5. Talking and listening to them more, 37%
  6. More playtime in general, 37%
  7. Playing video games together, 36%
  8. Reading books together, 35%
  9. Exposing them to your favorite music, 34%
  10. Teaching them about one of your hobbies, 31%
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