It's no secret one of my favorite topics is food. Today is National Junk Food Day and that probably has you wondering what Louisiana's favorite junk food is.

The website,, researched Google searches from all 50 states to find out what we are stuffing our faces with.

Three categories dominated their findings: 

  • potato chips were #1 in ten states
  • candy bars were #1 in eight states
  • and cookies were #1 in seven states

Who was the lamest states on the list? That dubious award goes to Alaska and their apparent love for granola bars. Coming in at a strong second is Wyoming and North Dakota, who are both obsessed with sunflower seeds.

One thing about the south is we love some amazing junk food. Take, for example, the states that border Louisiana:

  • Texas' #1 junk food are Funyons
  • Arkansas' #1 junk food are Doritos
  • Mississippi's #1 junk food are Twinkies

All right, without further delay, Louisiana's favorite junk food, according to our Google searches, is the PayDay candy bar. I gotta be honest, that surprised me. I figured it would be Zapp's chips, cracklins, or pork rinds.

Check out the rest of the USA's favorite funk foods below:

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