If you planned on setting sale in September, you are going to want to plan again. In an effort to keep their passengers and employees safe, the Cruise Lines International Association had already decided to extend the CDC's previous order to September 15. The CDC was originally going to let it expire on July 24.

According to records posted on July 4 from the CDC, over 3,000 passengers on various ships ended up with the coronavirus, with 100 deaths reported at the time. With most states going back a phase or modifying their current orders, it's really no big surprise that this order is being put into place.

The CDC has now set the no-sail order for all cruise ships to expire at the end of September. Will this be long enough? Will it get extended again? Heck, will the cruise industry ever bounce back to the way it was before all of this started? Perhaps we will see in September.

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A Look at Transportation in the Future

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