Well folks, it's here again: hurricane season. It sure has been an active one already in 2020 but would we expect anything less here in the south? I think not.

We have already had three named storms with Arthur, Bertha, and most recently, Cristobal which hit the east part of Louisiana and Mississippi over the weekend. Next up on the list is Dolly.

With such an active season so far, it got us thinking about the hurricanes Louisiana has dealt with over the years and which ones were the worst the state has ever seen.

Which ones do you think were the worst ones Louisiana has ever had? Two should come to mind really quick. One was only a short 15 years ago while the other one was in the 1950s.

Here is the list of which hurricanes we thought were the ones that caused the most damage and havoc to the state.

Louisiana's Worst Hurricanes

Rita and Audrey are two of the worst hurricanes Southwest Louisiana has ever dealt with, causing destruction, loss of lives and loss of property, costing the folks here billions in damages.

For me personally, I was living in an apartment at the time and the roof was ripped off the building, causing rain to come into the apartment. I personally lost everything I owned that day.

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