Folks in Louisiana have a different way of talking. There is no doubt about it. Even if you're from Louisiana, it's hard to understand what some people are saying. As a matter of fact, listening to people in Louisiana talk, you can pretty much figure out what part of the state they're from by hearing their accent. Some of us talk a little worse than others, sha!

If you get past the Creole and broken English (a mixture of French and mispronounced words), you're doing good. Now you can focus on pronouncing some of the streets and family names. Take name Hebert, for example. In Louisiana it can be pronounced he-bear or a-bear. Next time you come to come down, here are a few more words, phrases, and meanings you may want to familiarize yourself with.

I need you to come see when you get off. Definition: Come here.

Are you gonna get down? Definition: Are you coming in?

Do you want some soda water? Definition: Do you want some soda?

I gotta use it or I gotta make water. Definition: I need to go to the bathroom.

Save the dishes or clothes. Definition: Dry and put up the dishes or fold and put up the clothes.

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How ya mama an dem? Definition: How is your mother and family doing?

Couillon. Definition: (French) You crazy! or You're a fool.

You gonna pass this way? or I'm going to make a pass. Definition: Are you coming over here? or I'm going to come over.

Boo or Boo-Boo Definition: My baby, sweetheart, or cute baby/animal, or precious thing.

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Sha or Sha tee-baby Definition: Dear friend or little friend, sweet baby.

That's a big sandwich, yeah. or I'm going to bed, yeah. Definition: You know what I mean?

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