The first, semi-close to the area Whataburger has finally broken ground in DeRidder. We can all be a bit jealous but also excited at the same time. This groundbreaking in DeRidder means that the other Whataburgers coming to Lake Charles and Sulphur are just a small step forward in their building process.

C Tavares
C Tavares

The burger maker broke ground today at its DeRidder location complete with custom goody bags, consider me jealous, and even Whataburger white boots! Man, I can't wait to be part of the "media" when they come this way to do the same. You better believe I am walking away with anything Whataburger and that isn't nailed down! I am pretty sure they even had Whataburger shovels!

The DeRidder location is due to open in early 2023, but there is still no word as to when the ones In Sulphur and Lake Charles will follow along. At least we see progress and I personally cannot wait for their cinnamon rolls whenever my little husky heart desires!

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