On July 12, we were honored to have Cajun music legend Jo-EL Sonnier and his band perform for us live in our new video studio.  This is the first of what will be a string of exclusive, live concerts by Louisiana's best and most important Cajun and Zydeco artists.  For the first time, we're offering the entire concert for you to view for free!

From his time climbing up the ladder of the music business from his hometown in Rayne to his time in Nashville to his status as a pioneer in Cajun music, Jo-EL's got a lot of miles on his accordions.  Joined by a crew of crack musicians -- including a teenage drummer from Barbe High School here in Lake Charles -- we're proud to present Jo-EL live from our new Allons Danser Studios.

We invited a couple dozen of our biggest Cajun Radio fans to witness the concert live from the audience, and now we want to share the entire show with you.  Be looking for our next Cajun Storytellers concert, and let us know who you'd like to see perform!

Cajun Storytellers:  Jo-El Sonnier (33 min.)

Set List:

  1. "J'ai Ete Z'au Bal "  ("I Went to the Dance")
  2. "Love Bridge Waltz"
  3. "Chere Alice"
  4. "Cajun Born"
  5. "No More One More Time"
  6. "Jolie Blon"
  7. "Tear-Stained Letter"

The Band:

  • Jo-EL Sonnier -- accordion, guitar, vocals
  • Ray Ellender -- guitars, background vocals
  • Ganey Arsement -- Bass
  • David Varnado -- Fiddle
  • Chris Miller -- Fiddle
  • Ty Ellender -- Drums

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