Two Cajun music legends both celebrate their birthdays today.  Wayne Toups and Jo-El Sonnier were both born on October 2nd, and are two of the most iconic Cajun musicians of all time. Both artists are also Grammy Award winners.

What are the chances, huh?  Of course, they were born on different days, as Sonnier is older that Toups.

Wayne Toups was born in Crowley, Louisiana on this day in 1958, so Wayne turns 59 years old today.  You may not know this, but on top of all the classic songs Wayne has released in his career, he has also played accordion on several major country music recordings.

Wayne was featured on Mark Chesnutt's "It Sure is Monday", Clay Walkers "Live Laugh Love", and Alan Jackson's song "Little Bitty".

Jo-El Sonnier was born on this day in 1946, so Jo-El Sonnier turns 71 years old today!  Sonnier has recorded Cajun music all his life, with iconic songs like the most popular remake of Harry Choates song, "Jolie Blon".

Sonnier was also in Nashville in the mid '80s when he was on the RCA record label, where he recorded songs like “Tear-Stained Letter” and “No More One More Time”.

Happy birthday Jo-El and Wayne!

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