It's August, and this is when the tropics start becoming the most active. Over the weekend, we saw the demise of two tropical systems as Josephine and Kyle formed and then went away. Now, true to form, Mother Nature is right on schedule with two new tropical waves looking like they have a decent chance of forming.

These two waves just came off the coast of Africa, and forecasters are giving them both a decent chance of formation.

First, let's talk about the farthest one out. It just came off the Western coast of Africa, and they are giving this one a 60% chance of formation in the next 48 hours to five days.

Second is a system located just to the east of the Lesser Antilles. This system is being given a 50% chance of formation in the next 48 hours to five days.

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If these two storms do make it to tropical depression or named storm status, the next two names on the list are Laura and Marco. Don't be fooled, though. We are in the most active time of the season, and 2020 has already been an active one.

We have already had 11 named storms of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season and with these two disturbances set to possibly form, it could get even more active.

History has shown that mid to late August and September are when we not only see a lot of storms form, but some are also really intense and strong. Let us not forget about the one-two punch the tropics gave us just 15 short years ago with Hurricanes Katrina in late August and, just 20 short days later, Hurricane Rita that both slammed into Louisiana.

It is worth keeping an eye on both of these storms currently churning in open water.

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