The official start of hurricane season isn't until June 1, but it seems like it may be an active one since we now have our second named storm before the season even starts.

Back on May 17, tropical storm Arthur formed in the Atlantic ocean. The storm headed north and skirted the coast of North Carolina before heading out to sea without hitting any other land.

Today, Tropical Storm Bertha has formed off the coast of South Carolina. It is expected to make landfall on the South Carolina coast, and people in that area will start experiencing tropical storm conditions as early as this morning.

TS Bertha (NOAA)
TS Bertha (NOAA)

According to the National Hurricane Center, wind speeds are 45 miles per hour as of the 7:00am update. By 2:00pm Wednesday, the storm is expected to have already made landfall.

Bertha is expected to move north through South Carolina and eventually affect the western side North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

If you're wondering what the next name on the list is, it's Cristobal.

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