Well, it's no secret the mid-term elections are being held tomorrow.  Now you have to find a babysitter and make sure you can fit in a trip to the polls during your busy day.

Several governing seats are open for voting like Ward 3 Marshal, Louisiana House of Representatives, Louisiana Secretary of State, School Board Reps, and many more!

And yes, of course, the amendments written in a way only a law professional can struggle through them.  We will be voting on to allow felons to hold public office after being released from prison, if we can play betting fantasy sports websites in Calcasieu Parish, renewing the tax for our public libraries and the Calcasieu Corrections Center, and many more!

We did some research on the Google machine and found some great websites that give you very important information that you need to make an informed vote this election day.

To see a break down of all the amendments, in simple terms that you can understand, and see how the candidates plan on voting while in office, click here.

To see the entire Voting Ballot for Calcasieu Parish, click here.

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