Can I wear a campaign hat when I vote? Or a button, t-shirt, or any other article on my person that promotes one candidate over another? The answer, in short, is "No".

The answer, in long-form, is "Nope". Nyet. Negative.

Never wear any campaign shirt, hat, and button or pin when voting. All polling places have a 600 foot campaign free zone. -  LA SOS

Yes, we are proud of our position. Yes, we are proud of our candidate. Yes, we want EVERYONE to vote our way because our way is the best way. Yes, those voting for the other person is an idiot, but: it's still illegal to campaign within 600 feet of a polling place, according to Louisiana law.

Do not wear a campaign hat, button, shirt, flag, pants, shorts, socks, shoes, wrist-watch, eyeglasses, earrings, bracelet, grille-work (bling-bling teeth), tattoos, stickers, gloves, earmuffs, facemask, eyepatch, rings, shoelaces, knee-brace (if in shorts or skirt), bandage, nail polish, coat, vest, neck-tie, headscarf, hair net, sandwich board or any other garment/accessory emblazoned with or fashioned in the likeness of any candidate's campaign slogan. (Whew, I hope I covered them all.)

What about a campaign sticker on your vehicle? We've all seen the bumper stickers with campaign slogans or candidates' names; are they legal at polling places in Louisiana?  After an exhaustive search, I could not find the answer to this question. In some other states, there was a 100-ft restriction on vehicles with campaign bumper stickers, but I could not find any laws regarding this particular situation for Louisiana.

If you have large signs on your vehicle it would be prudent that you find a ride to the polls, just to be safe.

Also, wearing anything that deals with ANYTHING on the ballot is against the law. For instance, if there were to be an amendment on the ballot that deals with workplace discrimination, a "#MeToo" or "BLM" shirt would be a no-go. (I don't make the rules, I just try to let you know about them.)

So, take this information to heart and don't wear improper clothing or accessories when you go to the polls as we wouldn't want anyone to raise a stink about voter suppression or intimidation. Besides, we all want to abide by the law and keep the election on the up-and-up, no?



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