After the news came down that former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturned current commissioner Roger Goodell's ruling of the bounty suspensions on four former and current New Orleans Saints players, now there are talks that Head Coach Sean Payton's suspension could be cut short.

ESPN is reporting that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that his office has been in communication with Sean Payton about his reinstatement.  They are also reporting that it could be possible that Sean Payton may be able to rejoin the Saints before the Super Bowl.

Sean Payton would like an adjustment on the suspension so it would end at the conclusion of the regular season as opposed to after the Super Bowl, a source close to the coach suggests.


With former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue issuing final determinations on the Saints' bounty scandal Tuesday, Goodell was asked whether he might permit Payton to return to the NFL from his historic season-long suspension before he is eligible for consideration, which is immediately after the Feb. 3 Super Bowl in New Orleans.


"I don't want to say he could be because, again, we are in the early stages," Goodell said as he left for the airport after the NFL owners meetings in Irving, Texas. "We are starting to talk about it."

Source: ESPN

Rumors have also been floating around that Payton might not want to coach the Saints and could be courted by another team such as the Dallas Cowboys if Jerry Jones fires coach Jason Garrett. Is that realistic Saint fans?  Well, Sean Payton does have his home there.  HMMM?



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