Sean Payton and the Saints are dancing after a big New Orleans win.

The New Orleans Saints found a way to win on the road in Chicago as the black & gold outlasted the Bears 26-23 with a walk-off field goal from Will Lutz in overtime.

The Saints went into Chicago with their top 3 recievers out and still found a way to win in a game that seemed to go back and forth until the end. Once all was said and done, the New Orleans Saints fired up the music and club lights for a locker room scene that is always a fan favorite.

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You can see Saints players like Cam Jordan, Craig Robertson, Cameron Jordan, and CJ Gardner-Johnson (he DEFINITELY won't forget this game) showing off their moves. Then, head coach Sean Payton is seen jumping into the mix and reminding us why he had an entire song named after his "unique" dance moves.

If you look closely, you can see Brees get a piece too.

Look at this face and tell me this doesn't describe the mood in that locker room right now.


Personally, I love seeing the Saints cutting loose and having a good time. The season is nowhere near perfect, but the boys are finding a way to win no matter what hurdles they have thrown in front of them.

Let's keep it moving.

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