Besides Tiger Woods being the only person playing The Masters, well based on media coverage he is, this will be the biggest sports story of the day. What we are finding out is that Tom Brady's "retirement" was a total hoax job and former New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton may have been involved. The emphasis should be on the words "may have been".

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Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio broke the story late yesterday on the PFT website.

There are now reports from several sources that suggest that Tom Brady never intended to retire from football. He just wanted to get out of Tampa Bay. His target was Miami where he was allegedly going to be paired up with former Saints coach Sean Payton.

What prevented that from happening?

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The whole Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL. By the way, Flores's lawsuit continues to gain steam against the league and it will be interesting to see if the NFL will allow it to go to court or they will simply settle with all of those involved and keep the dirty laundry of the league from fluttering the glare of a very public spotlight.

You might recall that one of the allegations that Flores made against Dolphins management was they wanted him to "lose games". Another allegation that hasn't gotten as much publicity until now is the fact that Flores was supposed to be actively recruiting another quarterback who was under contract in the league. That quarterback? Tom Brady.

Sean Payton
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How Does Sean Payton Figure into this mess?

Sean Payton made it pretty clear when he stepped down from the top job in New Orleans that he was not planning on returning to coaching anytime soon. However, it has been alleged that Dolphins management felt that an opportunity for Payton to work with Brady along with a fat contract would be all that it would take to bring Payton out of retirement and back to the sidelines.

Just for clarity, this is pure speculation. We can't confirm that Payton was aware of any of the alleged behind the scenes manuvers.

You might recall the Dolphins actually requested permission from the Saints to talk to Payton after he announced his departure. The Saints refused that request. We can only assume that Mickey Loomis may have smelled smoke even though there was no apparent fire, at least yet.

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You might recall the story of Brady's retirement broke on the same day as Brian Flores's lawsuit against the NFL was announced. You guessed it, Flores announcement threw the "Brady to South Beach" plan right under the bus and out the door.

This may sound very editorial but Tom Brady doesn't appear to be a person of high moral standards and fortitude. He's already been alleged to have deflated footballs to gain an advantage. His former team, the Patriots are alleged to have spied on other teams during his tenure there. And now, we are finding out he allegedly was contemplating fake retirement just to get to another team with a better coach.

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With all of those allegations of wrongdoing for the sake of just winning to cash a check, it's no wonder the NFL loves him. He's their kind of person talented on the outside, fake on the inside, and a cheater, allegedly, who hasn't gotten caught.

Here's tomorrow's headline today, "Tom Brady and Sean Payton Teaming Up in Miami for One More Run at a Ring in 2023". Don't be surprised if you see it on your favorite sports website sometime in January or February of next year. You have been told.

Oh, and we are thinking of adding a Tom Brady voodoo doll and candle to this list.

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