Saints fans are smiling this morning after finding out the news that Taysom Hill has a new two-year contract with the New Orleans Saints.

ESPN is reporting that the contract is for $21 million dollars with $16 million guaranteed. Hill is a multifaceted player as he has played quarterback, running back, special teams, and more for the Saints.

When asked a couple years back what position does he really play, Taysom Hill said, "I play football." What a great answer.

Jameis Winston -- Good Judgment
Getty Images

In other news, reports are swirling that Saints are in talks with former Tampa Bay quarterback, Jameis Winston, to ink him to a one-year deal.

His role would be the backup QB to Drew Brees just like Teddy Bridgewater was last year. Teddy has now moved on and signed a big contract with the Carolina Panthers.

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