Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is gonna have to support his team from the sidelines after he suffered a severe injury to his knee in the Sunday night matchup between New Orleans and the Bucs. The news was confirmed today by New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton today, who told reporters he cried when he saw Winston on crutches.

The Saint's newest QB sustained a torn ACL and a medial collateral ligament in the joint of his left leg when it caught in a nasty tackle during last night's game.

Devastating is not a strong enough word because the 27-year old has been waiting a very long time to get his shot. Winston spent five seasons with the Buccaneers from 2015-2019 and another year as a backup behind Brees and Hill in New Orleans. Now, it's unclear if he'll get another chance to revive his QB career with Trever Seiemian having stepped up to close out the game with a huge with the Saints. Taysom Hill will soon come off the injured player roster recovering from his concussion and there has been a lot of talk of Cam Newton being looked at too.

Will there be room for Winston when he recovers? Did he miss his one and only shot at finally getting to realize his dream in the NFL? We shall see.

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